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This year we are walking 100km over 3 days to raise money for Making a Difference. Through this organisation we provide toiletry packs to homeless men, women and children living on the streets in South East Qld.
We aim to provide 2500 kits every year . These kits are filled with basics – toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, snack items, new socks, hats etc. These items are basically donated by generous friends and family but this year seems to be tougher for those doing it hard.  This money will buy these essentials that we so need to help those on the streets.
When you see the difference a tube of toothpaste or some new socks can make, it is really humbling.
Please help us provide the essentials.

Success – 2015 Winter PJ Appeal

CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who participated in our pyjama appeal as you can see the results are amazing, we are humbled by your generosity. The number will change as we will do a second run to Project Love and Care as we have more jammies on the way.

Also we sent along :
SOCKS – 151 pair.
UNDERWEAR – 174 pair.
PLUS, tee shirts, jeans, slippers, beanies, nappies, clothing, shorts, gloves, singlets, boots, nappies and toiletries.

The MaD Team Update – 2015

10941212_704097129709854_2066088495941818670_nMaking a Difference – Brisbane better known as The MaD Team was established in 2012. Our grass roots community group is not for profit, does not receive funding and is run solely by volunteers. We are available Monday to Friday only; we do check our private messages on Facebook regularly so please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs or offer of help. We assist families in crisis with MaD starter packs – pamper pack including toiletries, cleaning products, a kitchen starter kit which would include dinner set – cutlery – saucepans and linen. We post on our Facebook page what our families require and assist as best we can with their wish list.

HOMELESS BACK PACKS: Donations for homeless packs are collected throughout the year and are distributed twice a year, before winter and Christmas. The toiletries are sorted and placed in back packs and then given to the homeless.

We assist many Community groups that do not have funding with appeals throughout the year. This includes BREAKFAST CLUB – REDCLIFFE who assist families in crisis and the homeless and PROJECT LOVE AND CARE who donate care packs to children going into foster care, we also organise an appeal for this wonderful group each year.

Delivery and pick up is Monday to Friday only unless otherwise organised with Administration. We do not take donations of furniture, white goods, second hand electrical items, toys or clothing as storage is a continual problem.  If we need clothing we will post up on a needs basis on the main page. We are unable to offer cash.

Making a Difference – Brisbane has been life changing for so many families, we have support from so many wonderful donors – people who organise with their co-workers, families and friends collections throughout the year and that is why we are able to continue to assist those in need.

The MaD Team current statistics – 2014

As we prepare for our Christmas Appeal we thought we might share some stats about the great work our wonderful donors, volunteers and MaD team have achieved in the last couple of years. The majority of the MaD team met during flood recovery work in 2011 and still remain helping those in need. Working with Every1Counts Program and the assistance of a couple of schools great things have been achieved. The MaD team thank you.

75 families have been helped with everything, there have been many more single people assisted also.
Over 2,526 + toiletry packs have been donated to the homeless.
Over 1,000 + new blankets have been distributed.
Over 2,000 pair of new undies, 500 new outfits and literally hundreds of toys for PROJECT LOVE AND CARE.
JEBB HOUSE received hundreds of Christmas gifts and many many food hampers plus loads of clothing.
PEOPLE’S MISSIONS have received many donations of clothing and household items.
Over 500 pairs of new bras, and bags and bags of new clothing and Christmas gifts to HANNA’S HOUSE.

There are many more other Community groups which have also benefited from donations and we continue to support who ever needs our help.

The direction for The MaD Team – 2014

MAKING a DIFFERENCE is taking a new direction in 2014 and we hope we have your support as we have in the past, the MaD Team are all excited and ready to go in MAKING A DIFFERENCE. 

We will continue to help our families in need with linen, kitchen-ware and household items. They will receive cleaning, toiletry and hygiene – pamper packs.

We will also throughout the year be holding our regular APPEALS for the HOMELESS, PROJECT: LOVE AND CARE and SHELTER FOR YOUNG WOMEN.
We had amazing results in 2013 and I am sure with the great MaD Team on board we can continue to help those in need.

THIS YEAR WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING DONATIONS OF FURNITURE – TOYS OR CLOTHING. We will refer offers of donations of furniture to our other wonderful groups who we deal with throughout the year. Many of these Community groups work together and we will continue to do so in 2014.

With regards to clothing we will post up needs of individual families, but we don’t have available storage for seasonal clothing.

Thanks everyone looking forward to the year ahead.
Denise, Kerry and the MaD Team