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Denise Hoyle

Manager Administration and Resource

Telephone – 0448 942 452

Facebook –

Email –

Registered Business Name – The MaD Team
ABN – 26 400 324 265



3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi the MAD Team,
    It’s Ray from Holland Pk,couldn’t get a job-couldn’t handle living amongst the oldies,used my tax return to fly to Cambodia.Am now in a tiny village (no electricity or running water) am getting used to that, trying to MAKE A DIFFERENCE (tiny). It is really sad because of no schools there is little prospect for the young. Anyway the people are friendly although struggling with the language. When my money runs out,I’ll be back starting over again but I’ll have had a wonderful experience.
    Take care all,merry Christmas (there is only one wifi shop which is 40min drive on a really bad dirt track so don’t come here often,have a HAPPY NEW YEAR as well.
    An appreciative Ray.

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