The direction for The MaD Team – 2014

MAKING a DIFFERENCE is taking a new direction in 2014 and we hope we have your support as we have in the past, the MaD Team are all excited and ready to go in MAKING A DIFFERENCE. 

We will continue to help our families in need with linen, kitchen-ware and household items. They will receive cleaning, toiletry and hygiene – pamper packs.

We will also throughout the year be holding our regular APPEALS for the HOMELESS, PROJECT: LOVE AND CARE and SHELTER FOR YOUNG WOMEN.
We had amazing results in 2013 and I am sure with the great MaD Team on board we can continue to help those in need.

THIS YEAR WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING DONATIONS OF FURNITURE – TOYS OR CLOTHING. We will refer offers of donations of furniture to our other wonderful groups who we deal with throughout the year. Many of these Community groups work together and we will continue to do so in 2014.

With regards to clothing we will post up needs of individual families, but we don’t have available storage for seasonal clothing.

Thanks everyone looking forward to the year ahead.
Denise, Kerry and the MaD Team


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