The MaD Team current statistics – 2014

As we prepare for our Christmas Appeal we thought we might share some stats about the great work our wonderful donors, volunteers and MaD team have achieved in the last couple of years. The majority of the MaD team met during flood recovery work in 2011 and still remain helping those in need. Working with Every1Counts Program and the assistance of a couple of schools great things have been achieved. The MaD team thank you.

75 families have been helped with everything, there have been many more single people assisted also.
Over 2,526 + toiletry packs have been donated to the homeless.
Over 1,000 + new blankets have been distributed.
Over 2,000 pair of new undies, 500 new outfits and literally hundreds of toys for PROJECT LOVE AND CARE.
JEBB HOUSE received hundreds of Christmas gifts and many many food hampers plus loads of clothing.
PEOPLE’S MISSIONS have received many donations of clothing and household items.
Over 500 pairs of new bras, and bags and bags of new clothing and Christmas gifts to HANNA’S HOUSE.

There are many more other Community groups which have also benefited from donations and we continue to support who ever needs our help.


4 thoughts on “The MaD Team current statistics – 2014

  1. I make multi-coloured crocheted granny rugs of varying size (suitable for babies or throw rugs). They are made out of acrylic yarn so that they are machine washable. Would these be useful items to donate?

      • Could you please give me a definitive list of all the things you can use. I see you had a list for the hygiene packs previously. Is that what you need?

        Sent from Samsung Mobile

      • Making a Difference – Brisbane

        CORE ITEMS

        * New backpack/weatherproof drawstring bag
        * Shampoo/conditioner (combined preferred)
        * Deodorant (roll on preferred)
        * Soap – Soap Container (without holes)
        * Small antibacterial wash (traveller size)
        * Toothpaste
        * Toothbrush – Toothbrush holder
        * Combs or brushes
        * Razors
        * Pair of socks
        * Travel size tissues
        * Band aids
        * Cotton buds
        * Nail clippers
        * Cracker snack pack – vegemite/cheese/peanut butter and crackers
        * Muesli bars (please check use by date)
        * Lollipops (e.g. Chuppa Chups)


        *Face washers *Body lotions
        *Lip balm *Blanket or throws – single size only
        *Scarf/Beanie/Gloves *Note book and pen
        *Shaving cream *Disposable rain ponchos
        *Zip lock sandwich bags * Mini hotel/motel toiletries

        Thank you Sue

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