Our Mission

Making a Difference – Brisbane is a non-profit and community group helping families in South East Queensland getting back on their feet. Since June last year a group of dedicated people have participated in activities helping the homeless, assisted flood affected families and women who have experienced domestic violence. The MaD team consists of volunteers who have worked with community groups or individually who have united as the MaD (Making a Difference) Team with the aim to fill in the gaps.

The MaD Team posts on facebook and people can help by replying to the posts or sending a private message. It has been identified that not everyone has a facebook account and would still like to help. This website has been set up so people can make comments and send messages.

Making a Difference – Brisbane is aimed at helping individuals and families in crisis. We will also provide information and connect to other groups who will be able to assist.

We help the following

  • Those affected by fire or flood.
  • Disadvantaged.
  • Homeless.
  • Young Mums and Dads.
  • Mums to be.
  • Emergency Assist.
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Financial Hardship.
  • Families in Crisis.

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