A message from Yvonne Jones – who works on the front line for helping the homeless and families in distress. Ever wondered who the recipients of your generous donations
are? This year alone the “MaD Team” , have Coordinated, delivered and distributed more than 25 tons ( more than 30 Cubic mtrs,) of much needed essential items, into the Moreton Bay Region, to the Homeless, Newly Housed and those in need and At Risk in our community. THANK YOU to the hard work and dedication of the MaD team and their Fantastico supporters XX HOMELESS BACK PACKS: Donations for homeless packs are collected throughout the year. The toiletries are sorted and placed in back packs and then given to the homeless. They assist many Community groups that do not have funding with appeals throughout the year. This includes BREAKFAST CLUB – REDCLIFFE who assist families in crisis and the homeless and PROJECT LOVE AND CARE who donate care packs to children going into foster care.


Two years ago muddy, stinky, slippery, sewerage filled flood waters ripped through our home; washing away and destroying so many of our families photos and mementos. Not to mention furniture and clothes! However, this disaster also washed in many wonderful, caring people, who, along with our wonderful friends, worked with us to help us recover. It was during this time that I met the wonderful people in this group, who went on to form Making a Difference Brisbane, in order to continue helping those in need. For two years I have watched these wonderful people volunteer their own time and resources in order to make a difference in the lives of others, just because they care.
Thank you everyone for being there when we needed you most ~ Jane


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