The MaD Team 2013 Christmas Appeal

This is the new face of The MaD Team for the 2013 Christmas Appeal – Making a Difference – Brisbane. Go to the page now and make your pledge.

The MaD Team – We have adopted a shelter for young women aged between 13 -17. Our aim is the make their Christmas a very special one and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

The Shelter offers these young women:

– A caring environment
– Accommodation for 8 young women for up to 3 months
– Living skills programs to assist transition to independence
– Personal care planning
– A Network of ongoing support
– Encouragement

These young girls lives have been interrupted by trauma of one kind or another,
there are many reasons why young women come to the shelter and the reason for their entry into the house is not important.

Making a Difference – Brisbane would like to present them with a beautiful gift basket containing:

fluffy towel/hand towel/face washer
hair brushes
hair clips
body spray
moisturises/hand creams/face creams/body creams
shower gels
eye make-up palettes
nail polish
cotton buds/cotton balls
cosmetic bags
manicure sets
photo frame
jewellery boxes
chocolates/tin biscuits

Contact Us –
Email –
Facebook –


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