September Pyjama Appeal

Father's Day BB Bday 2013 019As you all know we had such an amazing result for our Project: Love & Care UNDIES appeal with the final result being over 2,000 pairs of undies, bags and bags of new clothing, toys and shoes.
On speaking with the the Project Manager Ann she explained that 300-400 packs per month go to children going into foster care. Project: Love & Care have no funding and presently they are in desperate need of boys and girls pyjamas, tee shirts and shorts for Summer.

MAKING a DIFFERENCE is hoping to help Ann. For the month of September if you would like to help these children to have a little easier transition from leaving their family and going into care by donating from the list below please pledge your items and we can make arrangements to pick up or you can take to a drop off point.

SIZING – 2 years up to to 16 years BOYS and GIRLS.

Project: Love and Care have requested all pyjamas to have SLEEVES – please check sample photograph.

PYJAMAS: sizing 2 years and up to 16 BOYS AND GIRLS

SUMMER SHORTS sizing 2 years and up to 16 BOYS AND GIRLS

TEE SHIRTS sizing 2 years and up to 16 BOYS AND GIRLS

SECOND HAND TEE SHIRTS AND SHORTS are acceptable, but please no stains or tears….we need to make these children feel very much cared for.


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