The Challenge Ahead

Making a Difference is looking forward to our new challenges and our upcoming appeals.  We are so delighted with all those who have liked the page and grateful for so many new people who have donated to our recent and very successful appeal for our young Dad and daughter.  She will go off to school with her new backpack and all her school books without having to feel left out.

Dad was amazed how quickly his wish list was completed and delivered to the door.  Watching a little seven year old who has gone through so much in her life react to receiving a giant teddy bear will remain in our memory for a long time.  We intend to keep an eye on this lovely family and help where needed.

The great thing about the MaD team is when we adopt a family we don’t just drop off the donations, we keep a close eye on them along the way until they get on their feet.  Our lovely family of five affected by domestic violence have just received a beautiful lounge and sideboard and they are delighted to be sitting on something comfy rather than the floor, this is why we do what we do.

February will be our appeal for hygiene products to be made up into packs for the homeless, last year we had a very successful appeal and managed to make up over 150 packs which were handed out at Pine Rivers Homeless Connect.  This year however we are doing things a little differently and we will announce our news on our Facebook page as soon as everything has been confirmed.  There are a huge number of homeless in the Brisbane and surrounding areas and The MaD team want to make a difference by getting these hygiene products to them.

We understand the cost of living can be a strain on families, that’s why we take a holistic approach to helping people experiencing difficulties. We want to reduce social and living stress to get people over their hurdle at the time. During our work, we have discovered one important component that most of us take for granted, yet can mean so much to our families. The MaD team provides hygiene, cleaning and laundry packs for families who have their own accommodation. We identify any allergy and potential health issues and then the baskets are made up full to capacity. It’s this little gesture that goes such a long way and stills gives the family a fresh start.

The MaD team would like to thank everyone again for helping us assist some of these families and the women and children who had Christmas in a domestic violence shelter, they are proud and very grateful that we can help with so much.  Sometimes these folk need a little help and others need a lot and the Team make no promises but our success with your help speaks for itself.


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